Sharia councils Inquiry

Averroes submitted written evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee’s Inquiry into Shari’a councils. The Committee will examine how Shari’a councils operate in practice, their work resolving family and divorce disputes and their relationship with the British legal system.

Averroes has a unique perspective owing to first-hand experience of working with Shari’a councils, expertise in Islamic law and theology and also advocating for improving and developing council practices at the grass roots level.

It is often posited that sharia councils run parallel legal systems. However in actuality, and according to mainstream interpretations of the Shari’a, it is not the case. Whilst the Shari’a as practiced is the application of Islamic legal norms, there are major discrepancies between the Shari’a practiced as a body of religious moral norms and a judicial body through state structures.

For full details of the report, click here to read Averroes’ written evidence.

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