Political Islam Inquiry

Averroes submitted written evidence to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee’s Inquiry into Political Islam. The inquiry is an attempt to distinguish between the characteristics of different forms of “political Islam”, and how well the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has understood and engaged with it.

Averroes’ submission examines the issue of Political Islam by touching on terminology; specifically, what do we understand by ‘Islamism’, and demonstrates how this vague term encompasses several different strands of political thought in practice. The submission later expands from this premise by illustrating the different theories of the state in Muslim-majority regions and how they are linked to ‘Islamist’ movements. These issues are later connected by a call to action to the UK government – how to engage with religiously based Muslim groups to the benefit of both parties.  Please read the full report for a complete analysis of these issues.

Click here to read Averroes’ written evidence.

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