Muslim organisations and academics discuss Islamophobia

Our co-director, Murtaza Shaikh, was invited by the Home Affairs Select Committee to attend an oral evidence session and answers questions regarding hate crime and its violent consequences, specifically in the realm of online hate speech.

The Chair of the Committee, said:

“The Committee is launching this inquiry following a number of deeply concerning and tragic incidents, such as the appalling murder of Jo Cox and racially motivated attacks against individuals following the EU referendum result.

Hate crime and violence have no place in a 21st Century democracy like the United Kingdom, and we will be hearing evidence on how to address the risks those with extremist or fixated views can pose.

Specifically, we will be assessing how well the current system of prevention and prosecution is functioning, the influence of the internet and the role of community and mental health services.”

Murtaza Shaikh spoke in the panel alongside Dr Chris Allen Lecturer in Social Policy, University of Birmingham and Dr Imran Awan, Associate Professor in Criminology, Birmingham City University.

Click here to read a transcript of the evidence session. You can also watch the full session here

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