Legalising Assisted Suicide: An Analysis

Currently, the legalisation of assisted suicide for the terminally ill is being sought through Parliament. Averroes submits that neither act should be decriminalised. Life has been considered sacrosanct since time immemorial by the secular and religious alike. De jure, the taking of life has never been permitted on compassionate grounds in the UK, and de facto it has never been practically possible except by means of conventional suicide.

The criminalisation of assisted dying (euthanasia and assisted suicide) has always been,
and should remain, an incontravenable legal principle. To regress from an entrenched societal norm that is also the subject of general human consensus lays an exceptionally heavy burden on its proponents to provide a compelling case. Thus we have produced a detailed analysis on the reasons as to why assisted suicide must remain illegal in Britain. It is hoped that this brief can contribute to a process of sombre and thorough deliberation that the subject necessitates.

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