Inquiry into Employment opportunities for Muslims in the UK

Averroes submitted written evidence to the Women and Equalities Select Committee’s Inquiry into Employment opportunities for Muslims in the UK. Averroes submitted that the only policy that in order to improve the employment rate of Muslims in the workplace, several steps would have to be taken at different levels.

Some of our recommendations include the following:

  1. A preventative, rather than punitive, approach to be considered with the introduction of a positive legal duty to ensure religious diversity and representation as is already the case with racial equality.
  2. Diversity schemes should also be implemented that focus on religious groups as well as other conventionally under-represented groups.
  3. Notwithstanding this, there should be robust, transparent and accessible means to challenge selection decisions internally, where discrimination may be suspected in applications, interviews and career progression.
  4. The current Counter Extremism Strategy acts as an obstacle to improving employment levels for Muslims mainly due to the stigmatisation that is inherent in the strategy’s definition of ‘extremism’. The Strategy must be reviewed, subjected to greater scrutiny and consultation undertaken with a wider cross– section of Muslim representatives in order to strike a more conciliatory and inclusive tone.
  5. Positive legal duties, diversity schemes and placement opportunities should be especially targeted at Muslim women.

Please check our submission to read the full report here.

You can also follow the Select Committee and view their response here.

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