Home Affairs Committee Report on Countering Extremism

Home Affairs Committee report on Radicalisation, Counter-Narrative and Tipping Point

The Home Affairs Committee today published their report, ‘Radicalisation: the counter-narrative and identifying the tipping point’ following one of their most in depth and lengthiest inquiries into Countering Extremism. Averroes commends the substantial nature of the inquiry and the breadth of witnesses heard prior to reaching its conclusions. It represents the most thorough and genuinely consultative set of policy recommendations that the Home Office has ever been handed, and it is hoped and expected given the compelling evidential basis, that much of it is adopted.

Averroes submitted written evidence to the inquiry focusing on the Government’s Counter Extremism Strategy, in particular the broad and indeterminate definition of ‘extremism’ as opposition to fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and tolerance of other faiths.

You can access the report here.

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