HAC: Prevent Strategy Inquiry


Averroes submitted a simple yet stark thesis to the Home Affairs Committee: without initial grievances resulting from a perception that Islam and/or Muslims are under attack, with such ideas sourcing from both foreign and domestic policies in the wake of terrorist acts, the violent ideology would be rendered impotent.

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Murtaza Shaikh on Islam Channel.

London - Murtaza Shaikh appeared on the 'Views on the News" programme on Islam Channel on 8th March 2012 to comment on the Abu Qatada case and in particular Theresa May's desperate diplomatic efforts to get the proper assurances from the Jordanians for his fair trial so that he could be deported.

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Cody Casey invited to attend Commonwealth Advisory Bureau

The Commonwealth Advisory Bureau was commissioned by the Canadian High Commission to consider and report on a number of key questions pertaining to religious freedom. Averroes’ Legal Officer, Cody Casey was invited to attend and listening to the views of three experts, in addition to adding his voice to the debate. […]

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Murtaza Shaikh provides evidence to HAC


London - Murtaza Shaikh (co-director of Averroes) provided evidence on The Roots of Violent Radicalistion to The Commons Home Affairs Committee. He presented a cogent narrative about the radicalisation process and its causes, as well as identifying ways in which to counter radicalisation and open up dialogue with disaffected Muslim British citizens.

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