British Muslim Response to Terrorist Carnage in France

Averroes is of the view that there is a real possibility that the attacks have been inspired by ISIL owing to a similar attack against Charlie Hebdo staff and that France is engaged in air strikes against ISIL targets in Iraq and Syria.

In anticipation of this, Averroes believes a British Muslim response is called for; one that definitively condemns ISIL and their terror, and asserts that British Muslims are united with fellow citizens in their disgust and denunciation of such depraved acts of senseless violence that take place anywhere. Our religious position is clear: not only do we unequivocally disassociate with ISIL and the events in France (or Beirut), but also any British citizen who claims to be a Muslim supporting or planning similar actions at home. We also view it our religious moral duty as explicitly articulated by the Prophet Muhammad to oppose, reject and fight such groups. We hold that this is an attack against humanity and that British Muslims support the defeat of ISIL, both ideologically and physically.

We call on the British government to offer our condolences along with a measured response at home that refuses ISIL or those attracted to its ideology the propaganda that Britain hates Islam or treats its Muslim citizens unfairly. The impetus is now clear for the formulation of an internationally coherent policy in Syria focused on the protection of civilians, defeat of ISIL, the removal of Bashar al-Assad, and the end of the civil war, without delay.

Averroes is an independent and non-partisan think tank. It recently submitted written evidence to the Home Affairs Committee’s Inquiry into Countering Extremism in Britain and to the Foreign Affairs Committee’s Inquiry into Fighting ISIL: the UK’s Role.

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