A new independent and non-partisan think tank forming ideas that cut across traditional political boundaries.

Averroes is an independent and non-partisan think tank that cuts across traditional political boundaries, striving towards novel and nuanced thinking, idea formation and policy recommendations. We aim to meet the growing need for a think tank that intelligently articulates and analyses British Muslim policy issues, becoming a Muslim voice of expertise and legitimacy. We adopt an evidence-based approach to tackle the most pressing social and political problems facing Britain and develop innovative solutions in the public and national interest.

Our relationships and in-depth cultural, theological and political understanding of British Muslims and the communities they comprise allows us to offer insight and expertise on related matters, including how to build a stronger civic culture with Muslims as active participants in establishing the common good. We aim to engender within Muslim communities an approach to society, religion and politics that is solution-based, goes beyond simply registering protest, embodies a concern for wider society and encourages greater engagement with political and democratic processes. Our approach strives to be non-adversarial, working closely with policy makers and dialoguing with community organisations to agree and cooperate on the attainment of common goals and strategies. Averroes is ideally placed to formulate and advocate salient recommendations to policy makers, yet at the same time informing, influencing and affecting internal debate amongst Muslims.

We are committed to the principles of equality and diversity, human rights, and religious and racial harmony. We believe that only through the strengthening of democratic governance and its principles of transparency, representation, pluralism and accountability, can we genuinely reflect the will and interests of the people, while attaining a more cohesive and inclusive society.

Averroes is an independent educational charity in England and Wales (Charity Registration No. 1159019). Its work is available to download for free under an open access license.

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